At Peter Hansen Construcciones we carry out any projects of rehabilitation of old houses, kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, or any other infrastructure requested by the customers. We analyze the current state of the area to be rehabilitated and offer tailored advice proposing specific conservation, restoration and improvement solutions according to the needs for each project. We renovate structures, redesign spaces and work with the best suppliers of construction materials to offer always a result that lives up to our client’s expectations. If you are interested in doing a comprehensive rehabilitation of your home, rehabilitate the facade or any other room in your home, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. Our clients can give you references about our work, if you wish.


On the Costa Blanca having a pool is practically essential to cope with the warm Mediterranean temperatures that occur throughout practically the whole year. So, if you have the space for it, the installation of a pool in your home will allow you to enjoy even more your home on the Mediterranean coast. In Peter Hansen we know it, and that is why we take care of the integral construction of your pool. We build customized pools adapted to all types of spaces, including the installation of electrolysis system, if you prefer that your pool be saltwater; the implementation of a heat pump, if you need the water temperature to be adjustable; and we even install covers to create heated pools to enjoy it during any time of the year.


In our company we have our own personnel specialized in electricity and plumbing, that is, we have our own expert electricians and plumbers, which allows us to address the development of each and every one of our works and / or projects in an integral way, taking into account always the recommendations of an expert in the field of electricity and plumbing. This allows us to detect in advance the possible incidents linked to these specialties that can occur in a work, which allows us to anticipate the problem and propose solutions before any incidence arises. Our technical team is also prepared for the installation of A/C appliances, so in addition to carrying out the work and to take care of all the electrical wiring, and plumbing elements, we install the air conditioning of your home.


Within our team of specialists, we also have experts in carpentry. Carpenters specialized in the design and installation of cabinets, doors, installation of wooden or hardwood floors, and even customized furniture design to give an exclusive touch to your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or any other room in your home. Our carpenters are able to design everything you can think of, allowing you to provide your home with exclusive furniture adapted to your needs and those of your home. Imagine what you imagine tell us your idea, our professionals are cabinetmakers and can build any wooden furniture you can imagine


In a house security is the top priority, so in Peter Hansen constructions, in addition to taking care of the construction or integral or partial rehabilitation of it, we take care that it is also safe. In the staff of our company we have experienced security locksmiths, in order to ensure maximum security and protection of your home. Therefore, in addition to offering a wide range of construction services, we also offer a locksmith service that integrates the set-up of the security of the doors of your home, and the installation of wrought iron doors, as well as another type of locksmith work that requires hiring to improve the security of your home.


At Peter Hansen we have our own construction machinery to be able to carry out our projects without depending on third party contractors. We have our own mini excavator and trucks owned for the transport of earth, tiles, stone, water, etc or any other element that we need to transport for the correct development of the work to be carried out. Having our own material, helps us reduce costs, offer better budgets and also allows us to achieve that everything is in the place it should be. This allows us to adjust the production times and finish the works within the time frame that has been indicated to the customer at the beginning of the works.

Building Project from A to Z together with the houseowner.

How we work

If you as the client want to do a smaller reform of your house or apartment or if you prefer to do a total improvement, we elaborate a Project which includes everything; in any case we will collaborate with the houseowner following your wishes and we will be informing you with photos and emails througout the project:

1. We meet

You contact us without any commitment at all. If you have problems of humidity in your property, poorely isolated Windows, or if you’d wish to make a new bathroom, move the kitchen or build a second floor in your house, we will go to your house to see what needs to be done and we will give you an priceestimate without any commitment nor costs for you. We can talk on the pone, by e-mail or through our web side.

2. Estimate

We go to your house and see the work that has to be done, we measure and take photos. In our office, the person responsible makes the estímate adapted to your instructions and wishes and will send it to your e-mail and you will take the final decision.

3. Agrement and start of the project

If you agree with the estimate we have made for you, we will meet again and look over all the details to be able to start the work. We will look at working permits and other legal documents we need from the Townhall to start the building work. When we agree upon everything, we both sign the contract, and building responsible and houseowner, both have the original signed.

4. Neighbours

If you live in an apartment in an urbanization, we will talk to the urbanizations president to obtain the necessary permits to do the work. We do the same in personal houses if some neighbour should have doubts.

5. The work begins

The client/ houseowner chooses tiles, colours and materials for the job to be done.
The work begins. We will send you potos of the workadvance by e-mail and we will always be openminded to new propositions as we are working if you would like to change some details during the Project.

6. Terms of payment

We will agree upon the terms of payment when we sign the contract.

7. The job is done

Houseowner and constructor go through the details of the work that has been done and houseowner does the last payment when he/ she is completely satisfied with the job done.

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